Church Life 

Please find below, details of what goes on at our church in more normal times!

Sunday Services

The church meets every Sunday doors open at 10:30 The main service begins at 11:00am.

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We meet at:
City Church Llangollen 
Brook Street.
LL20 8LS

There is parking available at the side and rear of the Church, there is a council parking meter, please don’t forget to obtain a ticket and display it on your car. However all cars are monitored by our Church Security Cameras for peace of mind.

You can expect a warm friendly welcome, we are a united church family,
where you will experience a church full of freedom and love.
We are a church with Spirit filled worship and the Word of God preached.

Children stay with their parent or grown-up at the start of the service as we worship, together for the first part of the morning. At some point someone will announce that it’s time for the younger members to go to their various groups.
we will register them as part of our child safety policy. 

Children, Youth and Students

Have you got children that you would like to bring to church? We run a specific program just for kids!


Our aim is to make sure every child can be themselves in a safe and welcoming environment. Our children's workers are appointed through interview only, the are DBS checked and have first aid and safeguarding training.

We want the kids to have great fun whilst learning more about Jesus and meeting with Him. This will usually done with the aid of various craft fun or watching a video.



The church family

The church family meet up for lunch at times, coffee and chat at local cafes is a favourite, or people gathering at each others homes. we also love days out together. Also one of the pastors favourites days out is fishing.
We believe these are special times in church life as we go from not just knowing people, to where we build stronger relationships, which brings a family in unity.
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Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles.
They aren’t the same men, Oh, I know they look like it, they have the same names, the same faces, the Same mannerisms. They look the same, but they aren’t, on the surface they appear no different. Peter is still brazen, Nathanael is still reflective, Phillip is still calculating, they look the same, but they aren’t. They aren’t the same men you read about in the last four books. The guy’s you got to know in the Gospels, these are the ones, but they are different.  You will see it as you read you will see it in their eyes, you will hear it in their voices, you will feel it in their passion. These men have changed, as you read you’ll wonder, are these the same  guys, the ones that doubted in Galilee. The ones who argued in Capernaum, the ones who ran for their lives in Gethsemane. “You’ll wonder, are these the same men.” The answer is no, they are different, they have stood face to face with God. They have sat at the feet of the resurrected King, they are different. within them dwells a fire not found on earth. Christ has taught them, The Father had forgiven them,  The Spirit indwells in them, they are not the same, and because they are different, so is the world. Read their adventures and be encouraged, read their adventures and be listening to what God did to them. He longs to do for you.
Based on The Inspirational Study Bible ( Max Lucado )